Topics: The 10 Signs You Shouldn't Trust The Guy You're Dating

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Trust me. I been to hell and back. Anyways, YOURE DOING GOOD NOW. So fuck em

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Youre so fuckin cute but you gave a bad first impression now i cant trust you

If youre not my sister, Dont be friendly with my man, i dont care who you are. I dont trust a single bitch out here

I want you to trust me and dont think negatively abt me.Youre my soulDont trust other people


If you think youre a bad adult just remember my mom didn"t trust me with my SS card but I convinced her I was responsible and then lost it.

I don"t know where your bonafide virgin arse got the audacity to say this bih but youre wrong. you gotta trust ya twin on this

I do. but youre not gonna join by doing this. this won"t give you the same satisfaction and enjoyment when you join. trust me

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If i cant trust you to respect me my privacy , youre not as real as you front to be.

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