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Dating is digital now, no matter how you look at it. From meeting to setting up the very first date to getting more serious, digital technology is deeply ingrained in the way we communicate, and form bonds with significant others as we date. So, it’s no surprise that meeting a significant other online is just as common, if not more so as meeting someone in person.

With hundreds of member-filled dating sites available, and new ones seemingly launching every week, it can be hard to know where to place your time and energy. While certain dating sites are very apparently designed for certain audiences, there are still a ton of so-called ‘mainstream’ online dating platforms that all claim to be the best online dating site available.

As a result, many online daters find themselves skipping from site to site or stuck juggling so many different profiles that they’re unable to give their full attention to just one, much less to just one match. With so many options, you can end up putting yourself through endless trial and error cycles that leave you wondering whether finding romance online is possible.

Can you work in China with your Chinese student visa, Harry?

The Urban Dictionary defines an open relationship as, “A relationship in which two people agree that they want to be together, but can’t exactly promise that they won’t see other people too. Basically, to have it all: a significant other … Continue reading →

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