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When you connect with a person, you would always have expectations. It is fairly normal for a person to have the yearning feeling of finally meeting the person of his/her dreams. In online dating, you can never get the real intentions of a person. Since interactions are not personal, you will have a different mental picture of the person you met online in your head. When some try to meet their online buddy in person, they donít exceed their expectations most of the time. It becomes a disappointing experience because the interaction online and in person becomes different.

When you meet a person online who you can finally have a connection with, chances are he/she is residing in another state or country. This is the hardest gap to fill because travel fares may not come cheap. Most online daters would prefer dating a person who has the same zip code as theirs. There are also dating sites that match your compatibility based on interests. Unfortunately, these things are not an accurate measure of whether both of you are a good match or not.

You can never really figure out what kind of attraction youíre feeling when you interact with people online. There are several factors that contribute to the feeling of misleading attraction. For instance, you may be lonely and would definitely need someone to talk to. Then you come across somebody online who shares your sympathy and checks on you from time to time. Sometimes, it is neither chemistry nor pure attraction but you just need somebody to talk to in the first place.

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I’m not sure if internet dating is the answer

Speed dating is one such nifty means of addressing your social needs. This is actually a dating activity of Jewish origin where singles have seven 7-minute dates. It is an effective – and fast – way of finding the one. Through this smart dating mechanism, you need not unnecessarily invest your time, effort and emotion […]

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"Attitude to central heating" should definitely be in the questions for online dating profiles.

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