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He"s showing the Mayor and others this is what happens when you don"t stroke my ego, if not, then I HAVE the POWER to shut you up! SICK SICK

Not intimately familiar with the relevant law, but I believe you can name your kid anything you want; there is no legality surrounding suffixes.

However, I would caution against this rationale:

We just really like the idea of being able to name a girl Junior.

People really need to think more when they get the idea to name their kids creatively. SHE has to live her life with that name, not you.

Grrrr.. googled pearl finish paints all day yesterday and though I frequent (stalk?) your web site often didnt see this till today. Regardless, gonna try this out on a serpentine dresser.

Category: Life Poems
Subcategory: Courage Poems

Things sometimes get to be too much. Just remember this.

Take A Step Back

© Aaron Stone

Take a step back,
Learn how to breathe.
Take a step back
And just be.

Read the complete poem...

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If a player is not on the roster are they still in the dugout/clubhouse?

Legit think my super power is the ability to make people trip over themselves by looking at them. Happens all the time

It's okay to miss her and take time to let yourself feel it instead of walling it off. What's important is how you choose to deal with that.

Why not plan some things for just the two of you to do before the Big Day? Or have the photographer take some pictures of just the two of you where/near where you're getting married? Instead of focusing on how she won't be there, what about brainstorming up ideas for things you two can do to recognize your long friendship?

Ha that was THE kind of Halloween costume available from 1978-1985. Lazy is one word, cheap is another.

Nearly a decade after she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Christina Applegate isn't taking any chances and had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed.

Описание дорамы Моя девушка: Соль Гон Чан по просьбе своего дедушки ищет потерянную внучку.

Who do u reckon will get POTM and is the picture of Harry Kane POTM real?

Other love story - girl friend - Duur: 4:53.

Sorry sorry! : ( Only day I have to write it on! Most of the stuff is already fixed though :3 Only got some small stuff and some requests

a show about stuff guys love, brought to you by the ultimate guy's girl. join aisha tyler (archer, the talk, whose line is it anyway) and her iconoclastic guests for another season of uncensored, unapologetic rants on art, drinking, music, video games, sports, sex, self-destruction, mayhem, and getting sh*t done. plus the weekly installments of “self-inflicted wounds" and "the apologia." girl on guy is stuff. guys. love.

I personally love valentines day. It’s basically an excuse to enjoy tons of chocolates and delicious junk food. Often restaurants and stores have special food or gifts available due to this very special holiday, thats my favorite part. Speaking of, the thursday before any valentines day my mom and I take a trip down to the local walgreens and stock up on their festive candies and cheese cups. Without going to walgreens the Thursday before Valentines day it wouldn’t be considered a real valentines day.

Critical thinking is the Left"s kryptonite.

It took a while, but 2017 finally has a real breakout comedy smash. Will Packer and director Malcolm D. Lee brought us Girls

You liking the ABC now. Trump is unhinged like you

Not a bad team the only problem being the tallest player in midfield is only 5ft

Favourite girl in The Apprentice is best one liners