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WiFi hack karo dosto 100% work - Duur: 2:17.

WiFi hack karo dosto 100% work - Duur: 2:17.

I love Harry as much as the next guy/girl but I"d also be focusing on the fact that there are TWO people in the room with me not just HARRY

LISTAGG упорядочивает данные, объединенные в группы конструкцией ORDER BY , затем соединяет указаный столбец measure_expr.

2) Как групповая агрегатная функция, LISTAGG обрабатывает и возвращает данные для каждой группы определенной в GROUP BY.

You are not of Tuatha de Danann, but I would be right in assuming that you understand what "kindness" and "rewards" mean, right?

What are some fucking horrifying horror films that are rated higher than 7/10 on IMDb?

Apple Unveils New Emojis - Duur: 0:33.

Теперь Instagram для планшетов и ПК с Windows 10 поддерживает все ваши любимые функции.

Most of them are content leaving and moving to wealthy Western countries and getting citizenship forfeiting their claims on that land.

It"s a pity that kids these days are all getting involved with the KKK

Вы можете обратиться в службу поддержки нашей компании по интересующему Вас вопросу через e-mail, LiveChat на сайте, по телефону или через Панель Управления Аккаунтом.

‘We were extremely arrogant and a bit too prog rock. We wanted to sound like Elgar and Grieg’First and foremost, we weren’t trying to create a hit song, just an interesting piece of music. Ultravox had been dropped by their label, our management had disappeared and we had to scrape around for money just to get into a rehearsal studio. It was cold and miserable, as all these studios are, with sticky carpets and a smell. And that’s where we wrote Vienna.
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They arguably have 4 of the top 25 players in the NBA. 2 that are top 10. Crazy shit