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Of course many remember John Derek at 46 and Bo Derek who was 16 at the time they were dating back in the early 80s. It broke up his marriage to Linda Evans.

Where does it say Roy Moore is a pedophile? By the way, the democrats in Seattle elected a known pedophile ( Ed Murray ) that had a scandal dating back to the 80s that was ON FILE

Jones’ use of the word “weird” is disturbing. An adult man dating teenagers was not was “weird” in the 80s, it was as just sick then as it is now.

I will be there but am a little sad today. I have a Stanford hat with every Axe Committee Big Game pin dating back to the first one in the late 80s. Have searched entire house cannot find it.

During the midseason finale of Star Trek: Discovery, Ash had quick flashbacks. See screenshots of those scenes here, along with explanations and theories.

I was a teen in THE 80S, my sister was 4 years older than me. She was sexually preyed by a coach in his early 30s. As was several other 16 and 17 year olds. No, it wasn"t accepted. Early 20s maybe, not prof. In their 30s. Dating high school girls.

They didn"t come to the newspaper; the newspaper found them, because it"s an open secret in Moore"s county. Even a DA he used to work with says that back in the 80s he was known for dating high school girls, hanging at the mall and at the high school. When he was in his 30s.

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Yeah well, the first 2 films were great. Definitely products of the times ( late 70s, early 80s ) , but solid. Dating myself but I saw both in the theater. I have to disagree with your Star Trek allusion, but perhaps that is again me telling my age.