Topics: Ron Paul supporters and supporters of a free exchange will you help skin the fox?

Archeologists have found a tomb dating back to around 1100 B.C. south of Cairo, Egypt's Antiquities Ministry said Thursday.

Josh Fox is the film maker who thinks he knows more than the scientists working at the EPA. I voted Hillary b/c she listens to academia.

Link Tomb dating back to 1100 B.C. found in Egypt Fox News

Archeologists have found a tomb dating back to around 1100 B.C. south of Cairo, Egypt''s Antiquities Ministry said Thursday.

Im saying that Fox using the fact that a gun stopped the shooter as an argument against gun control is illogical b/c it was policeman w gun

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B/c, why would we want honesty?

Fox gets high ratings only b/c they"re the only network offering an alternate reality providing excuses for the uneducated to discriminate.

MSFT desperately want XB/PS MP Crossplay b/c MSFT need to eliminate the whole I"m buying PS4 b/c most of my friends play there. I see IT

No, it"s b/c Bill O"Reilly is no longer propping up Fox News.

B/c of course he is. Hannity is just 2xing the scum to try 2 rescue Fox"s failed ratings situation. Cause what we all need is more extremes.

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No, no, no. Fox came AFTER the other MSM sources.It was a response b/c the right was not fairly represented.It"s Y their rating are so high.

Btw, Fox doesn"t incite hate? Fox had my 85 year old father CONVINCED Obama was the antichrist. They actually did a segment on it.

I refuse to watch any news on your stations anymore except for Rachel Maddow Lawrence O"Donnell b/c you are now worse than Fox