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Whether you’re heading to or from the train at Penn Station or waiting for a game or concert at Madison Square Garden, people can grab a quick meal and drink at one of these nearby restaurants. By John Friia

One of America’s oldest fine dining restaurants has expanded to Midtown with Delmonico’s Kitchen. The Midtown outpost creates their own specialties, including the mouthwatering DK Double Burger and slow-roasted BBQ short ribs with whipped potatoes, baby spinach and natural jus. The menu is not the only noticeable change to the restaurant diners will be dazzled with its chic, modern interior and casual vibe. From the red leather banquettes, to a wine wall and sleek marble bar, Delmonico’s Kitchen offers the ideal respite from a hectic Midtown.

Instead of heading to one of the numerous bars surrounding Madison Square Garden and Penn Station, people can grab a table at Lugo Cucina for an Italian feast. Before people enter the restaurant, they will notice two bright red Vespas that lead the way to an Italian oasis. From pasta to seafood and pizzas, the eatery serves traditional Italian dishes with a little Manhattan touch including the Il Giardino pizza, topped with zucchini, squash, eggplant, onion and lemon ricotta.

I’m guessing it’s different rules in college for that, it indeed was a straight kickoff. No funny business. What was more weird to me, was not ONE player on the kicking team attempts to go anywhere near it either

South Africa's energy policy has not and will not change, Energy Minister David Mahlobo told the country's Portfolio Committee on Energy earlier this week. He said energy was an important catalyst and enabler for economic development, and country must ensure it used a diversity of energy resources.

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: As crosses the $100 billion dollar threshold, workers in Europe are on strike due to low wages. Looks like is pocketing all the money for himself!

Antimicrobial resistance isn’t as sexy as Ebola or CRISPR, but it is just as sinister—and should be classified as a global catastrophic biological risk.

If I lived in Hawkins I wouldn’t have come to this place for dinner tonight.

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Life is measured in love and positive contributions and moments of grace. Carly Fiorina

Does your shockingly horrible presidency mean there won"t be any white men in the office for the foreseeable future? Or is bigotry okay only when applied to black people?

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Facebook announced Wednesday it's creating an tool that will show users if they followed fake Russian accounts on its site or on Instagram.