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Wonder Woman  - Wiki - Duur: 1:05:19.

Wonder Woman - Wiki - Duur: 1:05:19.

And you"re uk lmao brush your yellow ass teeth gay ass nigha

Aka little Syria. As I heard a Parisian say Be a while till I go back I love Paris but don"t feel safe anymore to many islamists.

Hey Ryan, look what came yesterday! 3 days to UK - some kinda record! It"s great, many thanks!

The first trailer for Pitch Perfect 3 is here and director Trish Sie takes us on a behind the scenes tour of the making of the movie, coming in December 2017

Queer As Folk UK Stuart and His Married Client - Duur: 2:35.

There"s a public lido that is super gay not sure where but I"ve been twice and I recommend it!

A 32 year old man has appeared in court charged with the murder of Grandmother Patrica O'Connor. The 61 year old vanished two weeks ago..and her dismembered body has been discovered scattered around the Wicklow Mountains over the last week. RTE's Colman O'Sullivan was in court.