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PHOTOS: Astros star Carlos Correa and his girlfriend Miss Texas USA Daniella Rodriguez Houston Astros shorstop Carlos Correa and his girlfriend Daniella.

I think green shakshuka is a very new thing ( can"t find anything on it from before 2012? ) and I maybe wouldn"t call it shakshuka either?

What is this ? I have like 15 very bad, completely inappropriate jokes lined up already.

It very much is not an invalid e-mail. The same provider worked a month ago, why doesn"t it now?

Dry skin? Don"t take a bath in very hot water. The hot water steals moisture out of your skin!

Standardises a very diverse pool of applicants, maybe? Like entrance exams - imperfect, but the best there is.

Very clever, a little reference to strategy?

How do you make rain stop? Because I"m a very very wet puppy.

That"s a very scary thought. If Twiiter is your primary care provider, can I have your leftover frozen blueberries once your are gone ?

Are you going to untie me? It’s very rude to keep a woman bound for any more than two or three or seven generations.”

If you say there were very fine people in a group of white supremacists and they are in your administration advising you, what to think?