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Aperson who smuggles immigrants into America and they come from any given country for a small fee to cross into the United States. They make very good money doing it.

And I haven’t done any of the things on your list.

Since I got on Twitter just a few months ago, I probably hit urban dictionary 3-5 times per day.

I just worded it the way urban dictionary did. I just didnt want to copy and paste it. I had no intention on offending anyone.

Well, I’m not a troll. And I’ve been insulted by the likes of you much more than I’ve insulted anyone.

You do realize that we don’t use the same vaccines now as then, right?

371 [1] [2] / 373 [Л 1] / 385 [1] [3] / 387 [3] / 389 [Л 2] [Л 3] [4] [Л 4] / 415 [5]
вероятно, Британия (совр. Англия, Уэльс [Л 4] ), точно не известно

457 [Л 5] / 460 [Л 6] [Л 7] / 461 [Л 8] [Л 4] [3] [Л 3] / 469 [Л 1] / 492 [Л 5] / 493 [2] [5] [Л 8]
место кончины точно не известно

Are still using that silly term? I thought you moved on to insults when you are losing the debate?

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But didn’t you know that correlation =/= causation????

That sounds like a phrase that should be in urban dictionary!