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Best route to solve spiritual problem: become an atheist. rely on science, evolution carbon radio dating !!

[node:field-image-collection:0:render] Marking the completion of Dean’s Date work, about 2,500 students celebrated at a “silent disco” Jan. 15 in Dillon Gym, dancing and singing to Swedish dance-music sensation Basshunter, above, and mashup DJs The Jane Doze. The only thing seemingly missing was the music — piped directly into the wireless headsets worn by each student.

Ok sorry, you want to regurgitate Biblical verses from ancient ethics systems go ahead. Come find me if you have something to talk about in any centuries pist-dating Hebrew Scripture. ( Or post dating accounts form other cultures )

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The only difference between dating a Christian guy and dating an Atheist guy is that when my Atheist boyfriend sneezes and I say “Bless you”, he says “No thanks.”

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Because radiometric dating is THAT reliable.

Because radiometric dating had already been tested and proven. However the tools to measure the distances in cosmology did not yet exist or were inconsistent, so it was playing catch-up.

I'd like to call your attention to a few new blogs in the blogroll. I've added some religious blogs, as examples of who I am NOT talking about in my "wacky fundies" posts. Erudite Redneck - wacky (in a good way) not fundie. God & Life - Fundie - not wacky Monastic Mumbligs - Not fundie, not wacky (yet strangely, still interesting) The Watering Hole -also not fundie, and not wacky provides a medical RSS filtering service. Thousands RSS medical sources are combined and output via different filters. This feed contains the latest items from the '' source.

Wrong. Because Christians believe in forgiveness like God will forgive u. Second all Moore is guilty of is dating teens at 30. In the 60 70s nit to uncommon. It was just dating back then nit a bed fest.

There is no evidence for a global flood, many cultures have written records pre- and post-dating your flood, and none mention everyone drowning.

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Vegetarian singles, vegan and rawfood personal ads. vegetarian singles including Adventist, Buddhist, Bahai ads. Free personals.

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