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Megafriends matchmaking service, a singles online dating network that offers personal ads, webcam chat, message board and forum for men and women.

I see 11.11 as Pepero Day, and the beau sees it as singles day. Baiklah.

An air traffic controller at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport was arrested Friday accused of having a weapon of mass destruction. Paul George Dandan, 30, is charged with possession of a weapon of mass destruction and two counts of weapons offenses. Officials have not said exactly what kind of weapon Dandan had or where he had it. […]

Oke wes ralat, hepi wiken singles

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Double 11 used be singles day when I was in uni, since when did it become a crazy shopping day?

Today morning In flat 9 hours "s “Singles Day” sales clocked $16 billion. Yes $16 Billion. FYI that’s half of India’s in 2016-17 online sales.

Вирджи́ния Вулф (англ. Virginia Woolf; урождённая Аделина Вирджиния Стивен англ. Adeline Virginia Stephen; род.

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