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I f you haven’t heard of the “red pill” theory then you might want to look away now. But if you’re a glutton for punishment read on.

Red pill theory is based on film  The Matrix , (remember that?) in which Keanu Reeves’s character Neo is offered a blue pill to stay plugged in where everything is nice, or a red pill where everything goes horribly wrong but makes a much better movie.

Rather than languishing in the early 2000s where it belongs, the premise has now been adopted by a group of men’s activists or “meninists.”

Sending loads of love to all the women at tonight. We all deserve respect and equality. It’s time.

The IKA TwinTip:Racing class provides grassroots level racing to develop into the high performance classes, and has been chosen as equipment for the Youth Olympic Games 2018 with the format of slalom/boardercross

107 лет назад, 10 ноября (новый стиль) 1910 года, собрав только вещи первой необходимости, из собственного дома ушел гениальный русский писатель Лев Толстой. Ушел и не смог вернуться…

«Я вдруг поняла, что не имею права мешать Яну любить, кого он хочет… Только бы от этой любви было ему сладостно на душе». Есть замечательное российское кино об этой истории любви «Дневник его жены».

Well he just agrees with ISIS! What are you trying to say the women of America don"t agree with ISIS? LOL but some will think he"s cute and do whatever he says

When did she condemn Roy Moore? I remember her saying that there is a special place in Hell but that’s a far cry from I believe the women and he should resign and you know Ivanka will never anger daddy stop with the clickbait

Facing Wales then and now and who looks best set to win tomorrow at Twickenham. Listen to a passionate Phil talk passion, rivalry and bust ups in Swansea

The Women’s senior race was the most exciting race of the day

I think it should be the Women of the World, who have risen to protest, speak out, and get voted into office. Women have changed the face of politics and social norms, overwhelmingly in just this past year.

You know who should be person of the year? All the women in the US. All of us.

DECEMBER Just arrived and I am already freezing my bits of, in untypical and ridiculously cold LONDON! Its crazy how cold it is right now. These Baum und Pferdgarten Winter coats just come in handy. They’re not only perfect for

The cover should be the women who marched, said me too , those who kneeled for justice. Or all those who were killed by gun violence.

Как стало известно, заместитель прокурора Бурятии Галина Ковалёва предложена.

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Just watched on - what a new found respect I have for her. Interesting to learn more about the who wears the robe. - it’s not about belonging to a group or a network -