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Angry Canadian Stalker Meltdown - Ownage Pranks - Duur: 4:27.

How is this guy even an ump. He should be fired after this game. What a loser

Oh stash. I read that as tra- , you know what? Never mind.

LGBT rights have been steadily improving in many countries, but sadly such progress is not linear, nor global, and nothing highlights that more than the shocking persecution of gay men in Chechnya.

Jada Pinkett-Smith is still mad about the recent Tupac biopic, All Eyez on Me, especially its portrayal of her relationship with Tupac.

What an inspirational all hands call my team just led! Selling

Never in my life will I ask an actor What are some other movies you"ve been in? Jesus.

Can I have an email address or a number to contact you? Got issues adding a payment method and cannot understand what the problem is.

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You have power over what you say. You don"t have power over how it"s taken. Watch your mouth!

Thoughts on a Clinton-Obama-Creep State sting operation to thwart the will of the American people, by Jacked Handsomely: After reading the latest twists in the story about Don Trump Jr meeting a Russian “lawyer” for twenty minutes in June 2016 ostensibly because he was promised by a music publicist shyster named Rob Goldstone that juicy […]

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What is an exit place in internet?

Writing an beginner"s guide to the Tube for. What info would be useful? What obstacles are there?

Vah! What Mr. Rajeev from SP has said, corrupt netas can go in media but an honest officer should not go in media

HOW OLD PEOPLE THINK YOU ARE? Personality Test | Mister Test - Duur: 7:49.

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What does purpose they were created for mean. Education is an enduring, evolving feature of modern humanity.