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If you’ve been in relationships that did not last or if you are having trouble finding someone you want to pursue a long-term relationship with, the idea of having a long and happy relationship may seem impossible to achieve. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to improve the quality and duration of your relationship.

I"m tired of this love quotes and relationship shit

For weeks, financial investors had been expecting the bank and its president to give some signal after their policy meeting on Thursday

Cheating gives the person who was cheated on a chance to feign any responsibility they had in a relationship going to shit

A new survey of 2009 home-movers has found that more than one in three have experienced unexpected delays in the set-up of broadband at their new home

Twenty years from now, will everything be in the Internet of Things, and if so, how does the security industry need to prepare? F-Secure's chief research officer weighs in on this and what else the future promises (and threatens).

The wrong relationship can squeeze the very life out of you

Every relationship has a season, stop treating a fling like a soulmate. Just enjoy the fling go lol

Dynamics CRM functionality is now a part of Dynamics 365, a suite of intelligent business applications. This blog covers the new Dynamics apps and all supported versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Lmaooo at that point, you gotta just throw the whole nigga away. Just throw the whole relationship away

A Message from our friends at Courtesy Acura: Courtesy Acura has proudly served the greater Lexington area for more than 30 years, and is bringing you the KSR Fans of the Game and a recap of our spectacular photos from Kentucky’s hard-fought 24-17 win on Saturday. Whether you visit the dealership searching for a new […]

Secure people don"t have to ask their mates where they are going all the time. But it is good to know!

Lmao innocent isn"t the word but he ain"t do anything to warrant getting cheated on. If she wasn"t feeling the relationship anymore then