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100 Layers of Lipstick! 100 Coats Gross Messy Makeup Challenge with Life of Princess T - Duur: 13:29.

100 Layers of Lipstick! 100 Coats Gross Messy Makeup Challenge with Life of Princess T - Duur: 13:29.

You made me smile ahh, You"re always spreading love Proud of my best friend

I just want what"s best for me

Papers expected to cover topics such as customs union and Northern Irish border as No 10 accused of being ‘a bit absent’Theresa May is to lift the veil of secrecy around the UK’s Brexit negotiations in the coming weeks, with the publication of key position papers on issues such as Northern Ireland and the customs union.No 10 confirmed on Monday that a series of policy documents would be made public in an apparent attempt to head off criticism of the UK for failing to tell the EU what it wanted and being insufficiently prepared for talks with Brussels. Continue reading.

Today, Fredric Heidemann offers his story and reasons as to why, when he decided to become a Christian, the Catholic Church was the only Church that made sense to convert to.

The latest update to the Xbox One’s dashboard is rolling out to preview program alpha members today, adding cool new features like a modernized community page, a revised guide menu and the ability for players to build their own home page using custom “content blocks.”
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Boston made a grilled cheese for me in the middle of our day-drunkness and it was the best thing I"ve ever eaten ( not really, but yknow? )

It"s funny cause Cheater by was the way I found out my ex cheated on me cause my best guy friend used that song to tell me

All I wanna do is the best me

I"m not the best with babies but that"s only cause they"re not family, Jax is gonna have it better than me.

Mark is the best for me

Everybody ain"t true my nigga everybody ain"t me

Hope you"re enjoying all that beautiful blue water! Drop me a line about FF. Best -- Zeke!!

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G543 on 0161 & 9162 collecting VHGF 452-X from Dunolly- 7/8/17 - Duur: 7:48.