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I will make a List when I get home

First thing I thought of when I saw the sweaters was the scene from Deadpool when they"re in there Christmas sweaters lol was going to post a link to the clip but maybe not lol

average number of dates before relationship 8 years

I think everyone in the family was very sad and disappointed. I remember when my dads called barb died. I heard one of her babies when i was was sleeping so i came where the sound. Once mum told me what happend i went back to my room very sad and disappointed.

I wish I could go back to the time in Dublin when I was with and I got to cuddle and drink w her

I have no friends. Can someone fill me with the current popular games, memes, sites, etc? I usually find myself laughing at rage-comic-memes from 2015. Help me.

Well I like it when wahmen spread them legs

Me when I finish studying half a page

Look i aint tryin to be a dick but you know you laugh when you see a post about a guy/gir that gon get deleted in the near future

A yearlong quest to come after a bad breakup led me to BDSM dungeons, pegging parties, and eventually a pool of my own sweat, but I was no closer to the little death I so desired.

VIOLET MENGO, Lusaka HILDA Panda, loves to live her life to the full. She has a somewhat ‘ controversial ’ positive outlook on her life so much that those who know her are attracted to her. But this was not the case 15 years ago when she tested positive to HIV. Testing positive then for […]

My shoulder is still pretty screwed up today but it"s not quite as bad as yesterday. Still have numbness and tingling running down my arm and some pain when I breathe deeply. It"s worse in good morning.

That is definitely my goal for when I"m good enough to do it! I think it would be so fun to jam together, which I"ve *never* done before.