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Since 1999, Salon Iris has been meeting the needs of thousands of salon owners. Salon Iris helps salons track clients, manage appointments, maintain product inventories, process payroll and market services in order to deliver more revenue, attract new clients and expand their brand. This award winning software features online booking, automated notifications, POS and mobile apps. Customers who use Salon Iris have reported at least a 20% increase in profit after using Salon Iris software!

Cons: There weren't enough features for our salon. The price was less than our current program without the accessibility features we needed.

Pros: I really like Salon Iris because I feel that it is very user friendly. There are a lot of different buttons all over the screen but once you have figured them out it helps one work very quickly!

It"s almost that time again when I get to scare the Dickens out of children.

Thanks for the warning, I will do that when it airs out here

When you find out Jon Gruden might not be on the air anymore

He fecking appeals to everybody he"s cute and sweet but when he"s onstage he"s sin!

You gotta have back up snacks when u run out of snacks

Why tf even when my phone is on vibrate it still rings out loud EVERY time my boyfriend calls like every other call vibrates but his.

Most horrifying film I"ve ever seen? Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. Saw it in 1992, had to stress-vomit in the restroom halfway thru, and 25 yrs later I"m STILL freaked out when I think about it.

Shame on You! Guess you"re good with someone lying about who they are to cheat the system. Why didn"t you die yrs ago when the syphilis first came out.

I have the hardest time staying awake when Jimmy is out of town and little man goes to bed at 730.

Carey how you feel about Kory so far? I know he’s not 100% but when do we expect that boost? Also i enjoyed the boost out of the gates 2nd half

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“Perhaps you are right. I just hate to see the decline of Shinobi. Who will protect the village when they run out?”

I have RLS, restless leg syndrome it’s not fun.legs and arms sometimes get so bad at night, bones want to jump out of my skin can’t stop moving them have to take medication when that happens too.