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When will I have my first scan? Share. Expert Answer. Becky Rutherford. Midwife sonographer.. Dating scan For most women, the dating scan is their first scan.

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English please. And its a CT scan of my skull.

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If he is saying he never ever wants to have kids and isn't open to it and you absolutely do, that's a deal breaker. If he's just "unsure" like you say, then that's not. He's young, who the hell knows what they want in their early 20s?

He's normal. He doesn't know what he wants yet. As long as he's open to exploring the idea somewhere down the line and hasn't shut down the option of kids and marriage (and assuming everything else is as good as you say), keep going with him.

Good luck.

And i m going in for a scan again tomm. My fears wont let me breathe now.

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GEORGE Harrison’s widow has given Ringo Starr a lost Beatles song her hubby wrote. Olivia, 69, found typed lyrics to Hey, Ringo forgotten in a piano bench. George is thought to have written it as a plea for the band to stay together around the time of their 1970 split. She told of Ringo’s shock […]

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Yeah I almost cried. My next scan is my anatomy scan which is July 3rd.

Waiting on an appointment to get a scan under my arm, canny feel two fingers but sure i have nothing in my life to worry over

Very special evening seeing my yet to be born grandsons face on a 4D scan. Technology is amazing! He looks just like his mum

Now I will scan my face. And make nice ass shaders. And pose it in purple, turqoise light in 4K.

В этой статье изложен многолетний опыт оптимизации SQL-запросов в процессе работы с базами данных Oracle 9 i , 10 g и 11 g. В качестве рабочего инструмента для получения планов запросов мною используется всем известные программные продукты Toad и PLSQL Developer.

Нередко возникают ситуации, когда запрос работает долго, потребляя значительные ресурсы памяти и дисков. Назовем такие запросы неэффективными или ресурсоемкими.
Причины ресурсоемкости запроса могут быть следующие:

Ariel Winter Slipping into A Strapless Playsuit for Date Night with Boyfriend Levi Meaden - Duur: 1:58.

Roku, Google's Chromecast, and Amazon's Fire TV Stick are your best choices, but which is the top choice? The post The Best Streaming Media Device: Roku, Chromecast, or Amazon Fire appeared first on

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Midnight After midnight a man approached me in the Campbell Bar in Grand Central Station. He was sharply dressed and appeared to be sober.
"Do you know how Robespierre died?" he asked me.
"Guillotine," I answered.
"I need more details," he said and he added, "I'm a lawyer."
I was slightly drunk so I gave him my e-mail address. "Let's discuss this during office hours," I said.