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If you've ever had a chance to sit on the front row of a concert you know it's a pretty cool spot. And depending on your level of fortune, you know it's a pretty pricy spot or a pretty lucky spot.

A YouTube user took a video that's over 3 minutes long of a girl arguing with her male friend/boyfriend/husband. The length of the fight is about as long as "This is How We Roll," which, you guessed it-- is the song Luke was singing. The video quality is just terrible, but you can clearly tell that the girl is very mad, the male does not care and that others are slightly concerned about how little this girl cares about being on the front row of this show.

The real good stuff happens when Luke walks over to the couple during a musical break to talk to the girl. You can't hear what either one says, but she clearly tells Luke to get back to singing.

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Everyone is just discovering today, and I"m over here thinking about comparing necklaces with Mark Wystrach.

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