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First rehearsal for today: needless to say, Bacchus has been officially summoned. See you there on 8/2!

Abuse on social media - I"ve been online since 1995. You can only stop it with strict moderation and that costs money. So unlikely to happen

Dear Sir, your complaint has been forwarded to engineer, ticket id 385882, necessary action will be taken at the earliest. Thank u

Seriously, this bugs me and I"m going to be asking my doc about it next week. The areolas have been puffed for a month-

Daughter of to Scotland for d of e gold today - which means we have all been up since 5:30 - yawn

The pay raise that an independent panel just awarded the L.A. Unified School District board is eye-popping, for sure. The members’ annual compensation will come fairly close to tripling, with the full-timers on the board seeing a raise from $45,627 to $125,000. The public could understandably see.

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I know watching cycling sounds boring to people, but I"ve been obsessed with the Tour De France since I was in middle school.

I am not and never have been sexually attracted to Idris Elba. I might be broken.

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Where are you moving to? And it"s always the nice ones to look out for!!!! I like how the doll looks like it has been forged in the fires.

'She was once asked what the secret to political leadership was and she said it was the ability to like all kinds of people.''I don't think Rahul fundamentally likes people -- that's probably why he can't deal with them and it shows.''Sonia is a more talented political mobiliser than her son, but I think the decline of the Congress set in in 1969.'

Flying to Connecticut next week. I might stop by New York. Maybe put my pinky toe on NY soil to say I"ve been there then dip out.

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