Topics: Loveisrespect | empowering youth to end dating abuse

At loveisrespect, we talk a lot about how to support someone you care about if they are being abused. But what if the person you care about is the one who is being abusive toward their partner? What if they’re a member of your own family?

This can be such a difficult situation to deal with. You might love your family member, but you know that what they’re doing is harmful. You may not want to admit that it’s happening, or you may just feel like cutting them out of your life. These are totally normal reactions! Relationships with family members can be complicated, and if someone is behaving abusively, that makes things even more complicated.

It’s important to remember that you have the power to be an active bystander. Ultimately, your family member is the only person who can choose to stop the abuse, but there are a few things you can do to encourage them to behave in healthier ways.

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Sgts. Peters and Penny apprehend a man standing outside the station waiting to attack P.C. Muswell, who had left the force six months previously. P.C. Jim Carver begins his CID training.

If you are a female or identify as a female and were an RCMP Regular Member (for purposes of this Settlement includes Regular Members, Special Constables, Cadets, Auxiliary Constables, Special Constable Members, and Reserve Members), Civilian Member or Public Service Employee (for purposes of this Settlement includes Temporary Civilian Employees) working within the RCMP, this notice may affect your legal rights. Please read it carefully.

God will give us creative wisdom about how to steward our time, money, careers, ministry activities, and relationships-if we ask Him.

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The data is updated once a week.

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The closing ceremony of the second training course of the UNODC project "Improving the capacity of the national police of Afghanistan and of Central Asian countries to tackle drug trafficking" was held in Domodedovo at the All-Russian Advanced Training Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Russian Federation (the Domodedovo Training Institute), on the 28 th March 2016. [Читать Дальше]

Совместное сотрудничество между УПН ООН, Японией и Россией в поддержку Афганистана и стран Центральной Азии по борьбе незаконной наркоторговлей вступило во второй этап своего развития.Первый курс из серии специализированной подготовки для полиции по борьбе с наркоторговлей в Афганистане был проведен в Центре подготовки «Домодедово» [Читать Дальше]

Lord, let this be a. Give abt ALL that concerns us.

Trust lays the foundation for most relationships.

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Great verse. Glad it has NOTHING to do with geopolitical relationships.