Topics: Zionists, at what date did an Arab army set foot on the Jewish side of the UN partition plan?

The Zionist Story, an independent film by Ronen Berelovich, is the story of ethnic cleansing, colonialism and apartheid to produce a demographically Jewish.

I would like to alert my readers to a new book on the neglected Austrian Expressionist artist Emma Bormann (1887-1974), by her grandson Andreas Johns, The Art of Emma Bormann, published by Ariadne Press in 2016.

Emma Bormann, Universität in GroningenWoodcut, 1922
Emma Bormann s art was vibrant, and her life too was unusual. She travelled widely in Europe and Asia, and spent the years 1939-1950 in China. Later she lived in Tokyo and in Riverside, California, where she died.

The government has stood by and let jihadist gangs drive Jews out of Yemen. Now their community is on the brink of extinctionThe last Jews of Yemen are leaving. They are packing their bags and moving to Israel or the US. A community dating back to Biblical times is on the brink of extinction.Sixty years ago one million Jews lived in Arab countries, but violence and state-sanctioned discrimination scapegoating them as Zionist spies have forced out all but 4,000 – who remain mainly in Yemen, Morocco and Tunisia. Continue reading.

Robert R. Sauders is an associate professor with a joint appointment in the Department of Geography and Anthropology and the Department of History at Eastern Washington University where his teaching focuses on the Middle East, Islam, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, transnational activism, peace-building and geographic information systems (GIS).

"" Frankly, the argument that the abrahamic ideology is an alien religious virus designed to destroy humanity makes far more sense than the reams of self justifying nonsense that issue forth from true believers every day."" Amen. A talmudic people called " jews " whom are the self-chosen executors of humanity when there is definitely no scientific basis nor actual historical basis for their presumed divine status is an unequivocal formula for the ultimate extinction of mankind. Surely the goyim will realize that and act accordingly before it is too late.

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